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¡Hola amigos! Spanish Language Acquisition Articles by Julio Foppoli

My name is Julio Foppoli and I am  the creator of this website, as well as of many other educational websitesOne of the main problems I see today is students struggling due to information overload. I find it funny to come across lots of passionate learners who think they can learn Spanish on their own, just by browsing the internet and getting ahold of thousands free lessons and resources here and there, not knowing that some of those materials lack logic and are even created by amateurs. 


They feel that with determination, they don't need anyone to master Spanish. Sorry to break it to you folks, but it just doesn't work. Just as reading a few articles on medicine will not make you a doctor, studying some lessons here and there will not make you proficient in Spanish. Sorry to break this to you, but  as appealing as it may sound, it rarely happens. There is way more to learning a language than just studying a few lessons on your own. 

For example, did you know that linguistic research has proven time and again that human beings cannot learn a language without human interaction?


Spanish Language Acquisition Articles by Julio Foppoli

This is one of the many language facts that most language programs fail to omit and of course, as students are not aware of them, they keep making the same mistake for years and wondering why they cannot  make progress despite their best efforts.For that reason, I have decided to create a series of free short and sweet articles to give you some insight on how language acquisition works, This way, just by looking at any language program you will be able to tell if this is something that could work for you (OR anyone else!) or not!


While creating these articles I decided to keep them very short and to the point. They are actually short (and hopefully sweet) reports on current language acquisition trends. Whenever possible, I tried to avoid any jargon or technical language. The idea is not to impress the reader with facts and complex concepts, but rather, to present to you key concepts that you absolutely need to know if you want to learn Spanish as fast as possible.  Actually, these concepts are universal so they will apply to any human language, not just Spanish.   To make things even easier for you some of these articles even have an audio version, so you do not need to read anything. Just relax, listen and enjoy!

I have spent the last few months updating this section. I can now say that it is finally complete. I will be adding new materials on a regular basis, though. But before that, I will spend the next two weeks beautifying some of these articles. You see, if you look at the first few articles, they have images that make them more descriptive and appealing. If you look at the articles near the bottom, they are just plain text. This will change soon, but until then, you can have still have access to them and hopefully enjoy this content and benefit from it. 

Language Acquisition Articles

Note: Some of these articles may be short, but they are as  concise and laser focused as they can possibly get. They will provide you with the essential tools you need to take control of your Spanish learning and make informed decisions about what program(s) to buy or not to buy and what to do or what to avoid when learning Spanish!

I can't emphasize enough how crucial it is for every single learner to know this information to make the most out of their Spanish program!

  1. The Big Picture
  2. The Shocking Truth about Language Programs Revealed (SPECIAL REPORT!)
  3. Acquiring a First Language
  4. Second Language Acquisition
  5. Language Acquisition vs. Language Learning
  6. The Role of Errors in Second Language Learning
  7. E-Learning to acquire a Second Language
  8. I have studied Spanish for years and yet, I can't speak Spanish. What is Wrong with Me?  
  9. Advantages of E-learning over Traditional Second Language Instruction
  10. Second Language Acquisition in Adult Learners (Part 1)
  11. Second Language Acquisition in Adult Learners (Part 2)
  12. Compelling Reasons to Study Spanish
  13. Are Adults Too Old to Start to Study Spanish?
  14. Technology in the Second Language Classroom
  15. Making the Most out of your Language Acquisition Program
  16. Are you in a Really Communicative Second Language Classroom?
  17. Stages of Second Language Acquisition
  18. Master Spanish or Any Other Language in 30 Days or Less!
  19. The Silent Period of Second Language Acquisition ~ Know this Before Frustration sets in!  
  20. Is Grammar REALLY important for a Second Language Learner?
  21. Authentic VS. Graded Materials in Second Languages  
  22. The Key to Remember Vocabulary when you study a Second Language
  23. The Best Spanish Course that Money can Buy
  24. Why can't I understand when people speak?
  25. Do you want to speak Spanish like Forrest Gump?
  26. Contrasting First and Second Language Acquisition Sheds Light on Why YOUR Skills are so weak!



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