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The Spanish Subjunctive is by far the most complex and difficult of all Spanish Grammar, to such an extent that the vast majority of learners_ and teachers have no clue about how it actually works. There seem to be more exceptions than rules. Noun Clauses, Adjective Clauses, Adverbial Clauses, If Clauses, Commands and the like. Sounds confusing? It doesn't need to be that hard! Once you know how it really works, it's as predictible at math. The Spanish Subjunctive Video Program is a step by step approach to get you to master the subjunctive once and for all easily, one step at a time. It is the perfect combination of grammar explanations, grammar exercises and real-life analysis of the Spanish subjunctive in action.

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    The Most Laser Focused & Effective Starter Spanish Program Ever Created.
    If you have trouble to put two words together and need to communicate in Spanish FAST_ and by FAST I mean, 10 minutes after your first lesson, you need to check out this program! It is intensive, definitely NOT for everyone, but it produces results in record time!

  • The Spanish Audio Blaster:

    Do you need to understand the real fast-paced everyday spoken Spanish? If so, this program is for you. This is the ideal match for anyone who can read and write and even speak Spanish quite well, yet s/he cannot understand conversational Spanish very well. It is a progressive step-by-step program to build your listening comprehension skills from scratch.

  • Learning Spanish Through Jokes?! ~ You Just Gotta Be Kidding Me!:
    Sold out! Currently not available! 

    Jokes are amazing tools for second language learners. For starters, most jokes use real conversational Spanish. This means that the language you will hear is as real as it can get_ WAY different from the type of "perfect" Spanish that you find in most standard language programs but that people barely use. What is more, jokes always take place in very specific contexts, again, a big departure from many language courses that teach everything in isolation and students never learn to use in real situations. Another great advantage of jokes is that usually they are funny by playing with different meanings and interpretations of the same word. This could be extremely hard for a second language learner to grasp. However, it's your lucky day. In Learning Spanish Through Jokes?! You Just Gotta Be Kidding Me!, each joke is explained in an amazing video lesson that not only focuses on vocabulary, but also on language, culture and even listening comprehension. A must-have for any lower-intermediate to advanced Spanish learner! 

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    Have you been struggling unsuccessfully for years to speak Spanish confidently? If so, then we can be of help. Just sign up for a free  assessment with one of our professional instructors to determine your current level, challenges, goals and time-frame to achieve them. After this assessment, if you decide to start, Julio Foppoli, a well-known international foreign language expert, and author  of all of the programs mentioned above, will design a specific program just for you, to take you from where you are to where you need to be in the shortest amount of time possible.