8 Useful Spanish Phrases to Express Condolences

Ready to Learn 8 Useful Spanish Phrases to Express Condolences?

Momento de Pésame | expressing sympathy in Spanish

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Today's Spanish Phrases come as a request from one of our website readers, Guayaluz Titerroy who wanted to learn how  to express unpleasant stuff such as condolences in Spanish, perhaps upon the death of a person we might know. When confronted with a difficult situation, you may know exactly what to say in your native language, but do you think you would feel confident expressing sympathy in Spanish? Well, after this lesson you will. But hopefully, you will not have to use this vocabulary very often!  ​

8 Useful Phrases to Express Condolences in Spanish

Opening Phrases:
Mi más sentido pésame… My deepest condolences
Mis sentidas condolencias... My deep condolences

Immediately followed by either one of these:
Lamento mucho esta gran pérdida… I deeply regret this great loss
Lamento mucho la muerte de [nombre] … I deeply regret the loss of [name]

And then immediately followed by either one of these:
Te acompaño en este momento de duelo / de dolor… I am with you in this moment of grief
Te acompaño en el sentimiento... I am with you in this difficult moment

Finally you can close with these two phrases, in exactly this order:
[Nombre] fue una gran persona a quien he tenido la dicha de conocer...
[Name] was a great person whom I had the pleasure of knowing

Puedes contar conmigo para lo que necesites… You can count on me for whatever you need

Of course, these are just mere formalities that you are expected to say in these types of situations. After this introductory stage, you are ready to continue talking normally, as you would do in any other situation.

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Thanks so much Guayaluz for suggesting the topic of: how to say my condolences in Spanish.

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And I would also like to invite you all to make any suggestions or ideas for future lessons like this one. Please comment below and let me know what you think!

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  1. Muchas gracias Julio. Gracias para este leccion y para todos sugerencias.
    Especialmente buscaba para "Puedes contar conmigo para lo que necesites".

  2. Hi Julio, just wanted to say thanks for dealing with the topic of condolences in Spanish. I was searching everywhere to find out how to say my deepest condolences in Spanish and express my sympathy in Spanish because a Spanish friend lost her mother recently. 

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