7 Spanish Phrases: 7 Cool Sentence Starters

¡Hola amigos!

Julio Foppo

Hey, Julio here! ¿Cómo van las cosas?

I’m quite sure…
You have taken some Spanish lessons already, bought a CD course for the car or used online
resources to begin learning the language.
So for most of you that means you can probably
already put sentences together, even if very
simple ones.

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Today, then, I’d like to give you a handful of
sentence starters – a simple way of making even
the most basic of sentence sound a little more
advanced, and your Spanish a little more fluent.
The best part is that they are really easy to just
bolt on to your normal Spanish, so let’s go, yea?

Let’s get to it…

Seven Cool Sentence Starters:

A lo mejor… – maybe, probably

Me da que… – I get the feeling

Se supone que… – it’s supposed to/ they reckon that

En cambio... – instead

Hazme caso… – take my word for it

Ya sabes que… – as you already know

Resulta que… – as it happens/as it turns out


There are, of course, literally hundreds of them.
But these are just a step above the basic level
and will brighten up your Spanish no end.

Let’s imagine that I am talking to someone and I

want to express something like:

Juan va ir a la tienda más tarde.

I could use some of the phrases mentioned above

and express slightly different shades of meaning,

while sounding super cool with any of them.

Let’s see how easily we can add  these phrases 

to any conversation: 


A lo mejor… Juan va a ir a la tienda más tarde.
(Chances are he will go to the store, but I am not 100% sure)

Me da que… Juan va a ir a la tienda más tarde.
(I have the feeling he will do this)

Se supone que… Juan va a ir a la tienda más tarde.
(He is supposed to go to the store!)

En cambio… Juan va a ir a la tienda más tarde.
(Instead of doing something else, he will go to the store)

Hazme caso… Juan va ir a la tienda más tarde.
(Trust me, he will do it!)

Ya sabes que… Juan va ir a la tienda más tarde.
(As you already know, he will go there later. That’s when
we can criticize him without any fear of being caught!)

Resulta que… Juan va ir a la tienda más tarde.
(He said he had no money, but it so happens that he
will go there later and probably spend a fortune!)

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Don’t forget…

I would love to hear ideas about upcoming topics

that you would like me to create for you in this 7 Spanish

Phrases Series. Please post your ideas below!


See ya – nos vemos


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  1. I really love this new series. But what about the uncomfortable stuff?
    Going to the hacienda and admitting to have forgotten one paper/modelo.
    Some weeks ago a son of my friends died. Well – no: bad – I had to say something about this and I was f*cked up. I believe my spanish is quite good but at that moment I was completely wrecked.
    Ok, this may be extreme examples – but it's examples from real life where you get to know the boundaries of your spanish abilities.

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