5 Amazing Conversational Spanish Idioms

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Hey, Julio here with some amazing conversational expressions today!

When I was learning English, the one thing that spiced up my language more than anything else was… expressions.

Yes, those everyday expressions that native speakers use all the time but crucially, don't translate word for word. And that makes them sound VERY impressive to native speakers. You want to impress those you talk to, right? Well stick around! And hit play on the audio below:


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5 Amazing Conversational Spanish Idioms

A ojo de buen cubero… roughly speaking, at a guess, guessing
Eres una caja de sorpresas... You are full of surprises
Peor es nada… It's better than nothing
Anda a las mil maravillas… someone is doing great / something is working like a charm
Llueva o truene… come hell or high water, rain or shine

And now a quick context so you can remember it more easily!

Listening Comprehension Challenge: Listen to the sentences and try to understand them without looking at the text. Once you have a good idea, read the Spanish transcript and try to translate those sentences into English. After that check out the translations to check if you were right or not. 

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5 Amazing Conversational Spanish Idioms





Are you up for a challenge?

I would like to invite you to use the comments section below and write your own mini-contexts, using some of the phrases that we saw today. Also, don't forget to like and share this page with others, by clicking the buttons at the top, bottom and side of the page.

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  1. Hola! Muchas gracias por las lecciones! Do you have any that talks about different ways to say, "goodbye," or "have a nice day!" I have grown weary of saying, "Hasta luego!" "Ten cuidado!" or "Adios!"


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