10 Funky Ways to Say How You Are

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It's all very well having cool ways to ask people how they are, but you're also gonna need some streetwise ways to answer it, too. And that is what we have for you in this weeks "Siete Cosas". So, if you're bored stiff of "muy bien, gracias, ¿y tú?" then press PLAY below for some much cooler ways to answer that oft-asked question:

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10 Cool Phrases to Say How You Are

Fenomenal… amazing, awesome
No me puedo quejar... I can't complain
Como siempre… as usual, as always, same old, same old
Andando… doing OK
Tirando… doing OK
Más o menos... so so
Más o menos, pero más menos que más... not so bad, but more bad than good (literally "but less than more")
Hecho Polvo… dead tired, exhausted
Molido… dead tired, exhausted

And the rude version!

(Estoy) hecho mierda… I feel like crap, like shit.


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10 Funky Ways to Say How You Are





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  1. Hey Julio. Thanks for these lessons, I find them so helpful. One question: do all of these phrases work for any of the questions? ie Qué pasa? Más o menos. Qué me dices? Andando. Some of them don't feel right in combination to me.

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