Gustar (Understanding how it works)

In this video we are going to understand how the verb GUSTAR works in such a peculiar manner. If you want to avoid this video and work on the conjugations directly, watch this video.

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2 thoughts on “Gustar (Understanding how it works)

    1. Hi Aziz,

      Whatever answers the questions WHAT with regard to what the subject does is the DO. For instance if you say: 

      “Me gusta esta lección.”  

      You could ask “What do I like? ” The answer..”esta lección is the direct object.”

      In that case you have the object, the noun (lección) you do not have a pronoun there. Not always do you have pronouns. For a complete treatment on Object Pronouns, please have a look at my videos “Direct & Indirect Object Pronouns”. I made a series of 17 videos to guide you step by step from zero to a solid understanding of this usually confusing topic.

      Thanks for posting!


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