Free Spanish Listening Comprehension Exercises For All Levels!!!

Conversational Spanish

(If you find the conversations very fast paced, read the info below)

IMPORTANT! DEAR USERS, I am currently  working hard to add more dialogs every week. I apologize in advance if some of the activities are still not finished. I promise I will do this as fast as I can.




  1. Saludos Formales
  2. Saludos Informales 
  3. Conversación de amigos
  4. Presentaciones Informales
  5. Presentaciones formales
  6. Información de Contacto
  7. Información de Contacto (2)
  8. Números de Teléfono (1)
  9. Números de Teléfono (2)
  10. La hora
  11. Tengo Hambre
  12. Comida a Domicilio
  13. Deletrear el Nombre
  14. La Dirección de Email
  15. Los Números de Teléfono
  16. Las Edades de los Niños
  17. Pedrito
  18. La Hora (2)
  19. Un Trabajo Duro
  20. Las Estaciones
  21. La Fiesta del Invierno
  22. Las Estaciones (2)
  23. El Tiempo
  24. El Tiempo (2)
  1. El Emprendedor 
  2. Una Noticia Repugnante 
  3. Clases De Karate
  4. El Dentista Moderno
  5. Sitio Solo para Guapos
  6. Problemas con la Policía
  7. Una Memoria Prodigiosa
  8. La Tostadora
  9. Peligro al Volante
  10. La Entrevista Laboral
  11. La Entrevista Laboral (II)
  12. Diálogo Sobre el Trabajo
  13. Un Aviso Extraño
  14. Un Negocio Original
  15. La Instructora de Artes Marciales
  16. Un Dentista Distinto
  17. Un Usuario Preocupado
  18. Un Vecino Indignado
  19. El Amigo Waldo
  20. En Busca de una Tostadora
  21. La Pistola Anti-velocidad.
  1. Diario Invita a Robar Casa 
  2. La Seguridad: Entrevista #1  
  3. La Seguridad: Entrevista #2
  4. La Seguridad: Entrevista #3
  5. Juguete Peligroso
  6. El Éxito: Entrevista #1
  7. El Éxito: Entrevista #2  
  8. Vecinos Ruidosos
  9. La Chica en el Metro
  10. El Error
  11. El Robo de Identidad (1)
  12. El Robo de Identidad (2)
  13. El Robo de Identidad (3)
  14. Albert Einstein: ¿Un genio burro? (1)
  15. Albert Einstein: ¿Un genio burro? (2)
  16. La Conductora Búlgara
  17. Hombre y Mujeres al Volante
  18. Andrea y Leo Opinan sobre el Tránsito (1)
  19. Ada Opina sobre el Tránsito (2)
  20. Pili Opina sobre el Tránsito (3)

Essential Information to Improve Your Listening Skills

The Main Challenge Spanish Learners Face today.

Probably the main challenge facing Spanish learners today is to understand REAL, FAST-PACED CONVERSATIONAL Spanish. Even very advanced students struggle with this. Yes, they can read and write and even speak very well, but when it comes to understanding real spoken Spanish…well… 

How is it even possible?

Hopefully, this short video from my program The Spanish Audio Blaster will shed some light on this topic:

Speaking Spanish Like Forrest Gump!

My students and those that have been following my work for some time know that I am convinced that the only Spanish that students should listen to is "authentic" Spanish, which is a far cry from the ludicrous audio that you find in 99% of Spanish programs in which people speak so slowly that they seem to have mental problems. (For more info read my article: Do You Want to speak Spanish Like Forrest Gump?)

Where I stand

Julio FoppoliI am convinced that from day 1, students need to learn real conversational Spanish, just like the one you find in the real world. While babies acquire a first language, parents talk to them the way they do in real life. Yeah, they make funny voices here  and there, but they do not slow down their speech to make it easier for the child to digest.
What follows is a selection of useful dialogs for learners of all levels. This is NOT a program but rather a sample of what I think should be used to learn authentic conversational Spanish,  
If you feel you need to build up your listening comprehension skills, you may want to have a look at The Spanish Audio Blaster, which I designed from the ground up for that particular purpose.
Having said all this, I wish you the best in your efforts to understand conversational Spanish fast. If you have any questions or comments, post them and let me know! I will reply to you ASAP!



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