La Casa de las Ventanas Verdes (Parte 1)

(The House with the Green Windows, part 1)

Technical Information

Recording: 0058 Level: Advanced Spanish Variety: Spanish from Colombia   

General Comprehension

Listen to the first part of this Urban Legend called "La Casa de las Ventanas Verdes" as many times as you need to understand the gist of it. Then click on the tab below and answer the questions. If you need to listen again, go ahead and do so as many times as you need.

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Ejercicio #1: Respuestas SelectShow

Specific Comprehension

Listen to the audio as many times as you need to transcribe all the words you hear. When you have finished, you can look at the transcript to check how well you did.
(You can use the text area below to write down and save your own notes)

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